Acknowledgement from Mr. Bruce Chapman, Executive Director of Wild Coldwater Shrimp Producers

Dear Chinese Customers:

Welcome to Cold Water We hope that the website could be a way of building bridge between CWS producers and China importer, wholesaler, detailer, hotel and restaurant, media, cuisine magazine and consumer as well as all CWS lovers

Scientific name of CWS is Pandalus borealis, and the shrimp is very famous cold-water shrimp. CWS differs from most of warm-water shrimp that grow in Temperate Zone and Torrid Zone as it has grown in the 150-meter deep, icy, clean, pollution-free waters of the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans for as long as 4 years and has absorbed essence of the Ocean and could be call true wild shrimp with free of pollution.

The total annual production of CWS is over 40,0000 tons, of which, Canada and Greenland each produce 1/3 for the majority of world supply. China is a very important market for us with about 30,000 tones of consumption of Wild Coldwater Shrimp yearly.

By the Development of farming industry and decrease in ocean fishery resources, less and less wild shrimp could be found on the market, which might be sold on market but at an extremely high price. CWS is not only wild and free of pollution, but also cheap, nutritive, delicious and easy to buy at local supermarket, wet market and wholesale market, which can be considered as healthy food of the 21st century that could match the need of Chinese consumer’s increasing upgrading living standard.

CWS has entered China market over 10 years, fur the purpose of serving the market, CWSA formed special plan to land a serials of promotions and PR activities in October of 2006.

The promotion plan is sponsored by Canadian CWS producers and formed by the joint effort of producers and marketing professionals from Greenland and Norway.


Our plan for year of 2006 includes a market study and a experimental plan of CWS promotion in hotels and supermarkets covering 5 cities, the aim of which is to understand consumers’ feedback on CWS promotion and propaganda preliminarily. And we are about to carry out promotions more intensively in order to increase target sales of CWS in current market in 2007.


The market study includes Consumer Study carried out in 5 cities respectively, questionnaire of 1500 consumers and interviews with persons related with CWS trade, including importers, wholesalers, distributors and representatives of detailers and food industry.

By the study, we received more information about general status of current China market, especially about warm-water farmed shrimp that is key competitor of CWS. China consumer attitude and buy pattern towards CWS have changed dramatically and many consumers value food safety and nutritive value highly, the two point are both favorable attributes to CWS, as the shrimp is purely wild, no addictive and caught in clear, cold Arctic Ocean and Northern Atlantic Ocean. By blind testing, it is proved that consumer shows more favor to CWS with attributes of hard texture of flesh, light sweet tasting and long wonderful after tasting. We serve consumer with premier quality of CWS and hope that consumer could understand all about it.

And we have expanded CWS promotion to as more as 130 hypermarkets in cities covering North China and Northeast China, and carried out trainings for supervisors and staffs of Fish Division of supermarket in order them to grasp knowledge bout CWS and its sale skill.

Meanwhile we launched a serials propaganda campaign, including CWS cooking program in CCTV and regional TV stations, articles and pictures, to introduce CWS and its cooking methods in key professional cuisine magazines, introductive articles and editorials on major regional newspapers, special column in Sohu, written by hot bloggers. The above activities that originally aimed to encourage consumer to buy CWS in modern supermarkets generated satisfactory result--sales of CWS in promotions carried out around China increased obviously.    

While we also made progress in food industry—more and more restaurants are using CWS to replace warm-water shrimps that originally was main foodstuff there, and have created CWS cuisines.

The various promotional materials for propaganda is also available for you, that includes posters, buntings, recipes, DVD and table cards, etc., you could easily apply for those free materials.

We wish to increase profit further for wholesalers and retailers by our efforts. To realize the target, we are to enlarge market share of CWS, a unique premier quality product and hope to work hand on hand with China domestic Company to result even greater achievement.

Therefore I would like to give my special thanks to Canadian Government for her moral and financial support for the subject.